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As the largest research and production base of centrifugal cast ductile iron pipes, the production capacity of Xinxing DI Pipe Company reaches 1.5 million tons, yield and sales ranking the first in the world. Its product quality, comprehensive technical strength and production capacity are all among the leading producers in the world. The company occupies 50% of market share in China, and 30% of its products are exported to over 90 countries and regions worldwide.

Formed as a joint venture, the partnership between ACMC and Xinxing has been strengthened over the years since Xinxing entered into Australia market. Backed by Xinxing Ductile Iron Company, ACMC has been able to help Xinxing to understand the customers and their needs in Australia over the past 9 years. Nowadays, we could provide our valued clients a culmination of global intelligence and a wealth of pipeline engineering experience and deliver fit-for-purpose, strategic, environmental and sustainable water supply solutions locally to pipeline owners, Governments and communities.

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